What is Art 101 taught?

What is Art 101 taught?

This course is designed to improve visual perception and expand critical awareness through a variety of hands-on studio projects. The student will be introduced to the methods, materials, media, vocabulary, and techniques of making art.

What is Art 101 csn?

An introductory studio course emphasizing a disciplined foundation in drawing concepts based on visual observations. Perceptually depict the representation of form, volume and space through the drawing medium.

What is drawing 1 college?

This course introduces students to classical and contemporary drawing techniques and concepts, with emphasis on the understanding of their formal language and the fundamentals of artistic expression.

What do you do in 2D design class?

Art 101: Two-Dimensional Design

  1. manipulate and construct cut paper designs;
  2. use the elements and principles of design in;
  3. look objectively and critically at art and design using a formal vocabulary;
  4. work in a studio environment in preparation for future coursework;

What is color in elements of art?

Color is an element consisting of hues, of which there are three properties: hue, chroma or intensity, and value. Color is present when light strikes an object and it is reflected back into the eye, a reaction to a hue arising in the optic nerve.

What is 2D design in college?

The Two-Dimensional area of emphasis focuses on the development of sustained artistic practice through exploration, experimentation, studio work and study.

What are two-dimensional designs?

The principles of two-dimensional design are the foundation of packaging design. These design principles relate to the use of elements such as line, shape, color, and texture. They are both general, such as composition, or discipline-specific, and serve as guidelines that then shape visual communication.

Does CSN have an ROTC program?

The basic program is offered to students at CSN, NSC, and UNLV for the first two years of the ROTC program. The basic course studies Army history, organization, and structure.

Does CSN offer biochemistry?

Survey of contemporary biology topics including biochemistry, cell structure and function, cellular metabolism, physiology, and genetics.