What is apica used for?

What is apica used for?

Apica enables you to simulate user behavior from around the world–including mainland China–and test high-traffic applications with confidence. Using our website stress test, we’ve helped enterprises generate load for 4 million virtual users at 0.2ms ramp.

Where is apica?

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HQ Stockholm, SE Map
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Where are apica notebooks made?

Fountain pen-friendly notebooks, made in Japan.

What is apica synthetic monitoring?

Apica Synthetic monitors your websites, applications and APIs around the clock —from behind the firewall or in the public cloud. Identify availability and performance issues before they affect the end-user experience and fix problems earlier and more efficiently.

What is apica zebra tester?

Description. Apica ZebraTester™ is a load and stress-testing product. It’s easy to use and get started. A powerful GUI allows you to create sophisticated, custom load test scripts easily and intuitively. All components are platform-agnostic across Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris systems.

How does a spica cast work?

Spica (body) casts are used to keep the thighbone (femur) and pelvis still. We call this immobilization. This cast holds the joint above the hip (the spine) and the joint below the hip (the knee) still, so that the femur and pelvic bones stay still to heal.

What is Catchpoint monitoring?

Catchpoint is a web performance monitoring tool that is designed to help digital companies test and monitor their websites and applications, and analyze and optimize them to improve customer experience.

What is Catchpoint used for?

How many employees does Catchpoint have?

200 total
Catchpoint Systems, Inc. has 200 total employees across all of its locations and generates $61.23 million in sales (USD).