What is an Otillo race?

What is an Otillo race?

September 5th, 2022 ÖTILLÖ, The Swimrun World Championship is the mother of all swimruns and the origin of the sport. This legendary course is 75 km long over and between 24 islands with 65 km of trail running and 10 km of open- water swimming.

What is a swimrun race called?

An aquathlon is a multisport race consisting of continuous run and swim elements. Competitors complete a swim immediately followed by a run over various distances. Athletes compete for fastest overall course completion, including the time transitioning between the disciplines.

How long is a run swim run?

‘Ultra’ SwimRuns have +50 km running and +10 km swimming, ‘Regular’ SwimRuns have a total distance of between 20 – 60 km and ‘Sprint’ SwimRuns which are 20km or less that suit beginners and SwimRunners looking for a fun training event.

Do you wear socks in SwimRun?

Socks are super-important in SwimRun. Remember, you are going to be running in wet trail shoes, so your feet will tend to slide around a little more than when running in dry shoes. And the skin of your feet will be wet, and therefore softer. Added together, the risk of rubbing and blisters is quite high.

What is a SwimRun wetsuit?

What is a swimrun wetsuit? Swimrun wetsuits have the zipper on the front end of the suit, and sometimes they have two zippers – one in front and one in the back for easy dressing/undressing. It is also nicer to have zipped down in front during running, both for cooling down and the breathing.

Can I run in a wetsuit?

Legs are cut above the knees, and the material at the hip is often very thin and soft to enhance the running. Arms on the wetsuit can be long or short, or even detachable. To each their own. These suits are designed not only for swimming but running in them as well.

What do you wear to aquathlon?

For Aquathlon clothing, you will need to prepare a tri-suit or swimsuit. But tri-suit is the one athlete wear the most for Triathlon and Aquathlon. Goggles and swim cap also is essential during your race in the ocean or pool and once you are up on the surface. Some athlete might wear a shirt to continue their race.

What is a swimrun wetsuit?

How do swim runners train?

Build up to say a 1k swim and 5k run, repeated three times. Next make one of the runs longer, then keep varying the sets until you are active for half the distances of the race. This should be built to two weeks going hard, followed by one week at an easier pace.

Can you run in wetsuit?

Are swim run wetsuits warm?

We considered warmth and buoyancy in the swim, flexibility and comfort in the run, and also what additional features, such as removable sleeves, an easy-to-peel-off top and storage pockets, are included.