What is an OIIC?

What is an OIIC?

Behaviour Change should be at the heart of every brief – different agencies articulate it in different ways – Crispins brief is centred around the key ‘Question’ that needs to be answered, BBDO have their ‘get-who-to-by’ brief and Saatchi & Saatchi have their OIIC- ‘Objective-issue-insight-challenge’ format.

What are mandatories in a creative brief?

Mandatories (mandatory elements) — mandatory elements such as the client’s logo, address, phone number and so forth.

What is creative advertising brief?

A creative brief is a document that informs the creative approach and delivery of new marketing or advertising campaigns. It connects the creative work requested to the broader business goals by clearly outlining the strategy of the campaign.

Who writes the creative brief?

A creative brief could be written by the creative director, designer, project manager, strategist, planner, producer or account executive. Whoever has the most client and project knowledge is the best person to write the brief.

What are the mandatories in advertising?

Mandatories: Clearly list what must be included in the campaign. Mandatories might include a call to action, disclaimers, logos, telephone numbers, web addresses, or social media links.

How do you write a comms brief?

How to Write a Creative Brief

  1. Decide on a name for the project.
  2. Write about the brand and summarize the project’s background.
  3. Highlight the project objective.
  4. Describe the target audience.
  5. Interpret the competitive landscape.
  6. Prepare the key message.
  7. Choose the key consumer benefit.
  8. Select an attitude.

What is the main aim of creativity in advertising?

Creativity in advertising is to create a major selling ideas and different style of selling and this plays a vital role in image building and marketing products or services in the rapidly changing world.

What is the role of creative brief?

A creative brief is a unifying document that identifies the important key benefits for a campaign or launch. It tells the story and explains why it’s important to the audience, serving as a guide for the creation of new materials.

What is Young’s creative process?

Young’s creative model involves 5 unique stages. Much like how we prove a hypothesis in science, creating a new idea involves a series of processes. His 5-step technique includes preparation, incubation, illumination, evaluation, and implementation.

Why are briefs so important?

A design brief is a written document outlining a design project’s aims, objectives, and milestones. It a crucial part of the design process, as it helps develop trust and understanding between the client and the designer. It is as important as a contract and serves as an essential point of reference for both parties.