What is an example of unwieldy?

What is an example of unwieldy?

Unwieldy definition The definition of unwieldy is awkward or difficult to deal with, especially because something is large or heavy. An example of something unwieldy is a wheelbarrow that has been filled too full with dirt. Difficult to carry or manage because of size, shape, weight, or complexity.

What do the word unwieldy mean?

not easily managed, handled
Definition of unwieldy : not easily managed, handled, or used (as because of bulk, weight, complexity, or awkwardness) : cumbersome. Other Words from unwieldy Synonyms & Antonyms The Difference Between Wieldy and Unwieldy Example Sentences Learn More About unwieldy.

How do you use autonomy in a sentence?

Autonomy in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Teenagers should have the autonomy to make their own decisions in preparation for their lives as adults.
  2. While the federal government has a great deal of power, it has given states some autonomy to govern themselves.

How do you use sallow in a sentence?

Sallow sentence example

  1. He had lost weight and his skin had a sallow look.
  2. The light green scrubs made his long features look sallow and the pale blue eyes that fixed on her seemed more tired than interested.
  3. The other was the mayor, a man with a thin sallow face and narrow beard.

How do you use scourge in a sentence?

Examples of scourge in a Sentence Noun a city ravaged by the scourge of unemployment The disease continues to be a scourge in the developing world. Verb a neighborhood scourged by crime The prisoner was scourged with a whip.

What is a sentence for precept?

Precept sentence example. It is nothing else than the preaching and precept of Christ. The earliest instance of an ecclesiastical precept on the subject occurs in can. This violates every precept of English law as well as natural justice.

How do you use coalesce in a sentence?

Coalesce in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Because of the dwindling participation in both choirs, all the members agreed to coalesce their groups into one large chorus.
  2. As refugees continue to flood into the community, the congregations from all the churches will coalesce into one welcoming body to make them feel at home.

How do you use vitiate in a sentence?

Vitiate sentence example

  1. A mistake of fact in some circumstances could vitiate the contract.
  2. Duress to the individual negotiator would, however, vitiate the effect of his signature.

What is a sentence for fretful?

Fretful sentence example She is never fretful or irritable, and I have never seen her impatient with her playmates because they failed to understand her. A young player with a head injury may be extremely irritable or fretful or may cry constantly.

What is the prefix of unwieldy?

unwieldy (adj.) late 14c., “lacking strength, powerless,” from un- (1) “not” + obsolete wieldy, from Old English wielde “active, vigorous,” from Proto-Germanic *walth- “have power” (see wield (v.)).

What does unwieldy mean in Romeo and Juliet?

unwieldy. lacking grace in movement or posture.