What is an Axe Fx IR?

What is an Axe Fx IR?

The Axe-Fx II uses Impulse Responses (“IRs”) to faithfully reproduce the sound of a mic’d speaker, with over 100 Factory Cabs provided, and extra memory slots for User Cabs. Fractal sells professionally produced Cab Packs of IRs, but you can also create your own using a capture utility built-in to the Axe-Fx II.

How long is impulse response?

200 ms responses are good for almost all general purposes, including playing live (where we might want to minimise CPU use for minimum latency), home recording and playing and recording close-mic cab sounds.

How do you capture impulse responses?

The impulse responses or IRs are captured by recording how a space responds to a full range of frequencies (typically 20Hz to 20,000Hz). This is achieved by playing back a burst (impulse) of a full range of frequencies within the space and recording it.

Is an impulse response just an EQ?

You can obtain similar, albeit not the same, results with equalization, but an impulse response is NOT an EQ curve.

What is ownhammer?

With hundreds of different cabinets and speaker types in our inventory, OwnHammer provides an ever expanding catalog of the most meticulously crafted and easy to use guitar and bass cabinet impulse responses that cover every genre and tonal aesthetic.

Which ownhammer product should I start with?

We HIGHLY recommend starting out with: OwnHammer’s foremost impulse response product series, with multiple common language and easy to use mic configuration voicings across a span of 60+ cabinets per library, the Workhorse Collections provide something for everyone.

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