What is an addressable monitor module?

What is an addressable monitor module?

SmartOne® Model AI is used to monitor conventional, unpowered, contact-type initiating devices through a Class-B, Style-B initiating device circuit.

What is a Dual monitor module in fire alarm system?

The Dual Monitor Module is intended for use in addressable, two wire systems. It provides two independent 2-wire initiating device circuits (IDC), at two separate, consecutive addresses.

What is an addressable control module?

This device is designed to provide dry relay contact to control external appliances such as door closers, fans, dampers, etc., It communicates the contact status, existence with the loop to the control panel.It also allows the control panel to change its address, isolation, test, etc.

What is a dual input module?

EST Input/Output Modules. The SIGA-CT2 Dual Input Module is an addressable device that is used to connect one or two Class B, normally open, alarm, supervisory, or monitor type dry contact initiating device circuits (IDCs) to a Signature loop controller.

What is Zone addressable module?

These provide an addressable interface between conventional zone devices and the host fire alarm control panel. Signal ZAMs. These supervise and operate 24 VDC notification appliances, speakers, and telephone circuits.

What is isolator module in fire alarm system?

Product Description. Its purpose is to isolate the line (loop) segment when a short circuit is detected. Thus the fire detectors, which are not located in the short circuited segment, continue operation. When the short circuit is eliminated the isolator automatically enters inactive state.

What is an addressable smoke detector?

An addressable smoke detector is part of an addressable fire alarm system that consists of a group of smoke detectors and devices linked to a central fire control panel. In an addressable fire alarm system, an activated smoke detector can quickly be isolated and found because each device has a unique address or number.

What are SLC devices?

SLC – Signal line circuits are initiating devices in an addressable fire alarm system. Notification devices notify in-building occupants about a problem. This is done by audible, visible, tactile, and textual devices.