What is Aircargo screening?

What is Aircargo screening?

The Air Cargo Screening Program is structured around developing new air cargo security technologies and enhancing existing air cargo security systems. The program objective is to counter current and future air cargo threats.

How long does it take to become a Known Shipper?

Approval of Known Shipper applications require a number of steps, and will take a minimum of one week to complete. Some applications may take several weeks to be approved. Application times depend heavily on how quickly we receive the required documents.

How do I get Known Shipper status?

There is actually no clear application process to become a TSA Known Shipper. Go to the TSA website and you’ll see, they simply direct you to a transportation or freight forwarding partner like I.C.E. Transport to verify your information through the TSA database. You’ll then get word directly from TSA.

Can an IAC be a known shipper?

Aircraft operators, foreign air carriers, and IACs must comply with a range of specific security requirements to qualify their clients as known shippers. Shippers interested in transporting goods by air may contact their transportation service provider and request to become a known shipper.

What is a known shipper TSA?

A Known Shipper is an individual or entity who may transport their goods on passenger aircraft. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires all shippers who wish to transport their goods by air transport with Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air to be Known unless your shipment meets an exception.

Can an IAC be a shipper?

Since Indirect Air Carriers, or IACs, work frequently with airlines, TSA has entrusted them with the task of submitting customers for approval to become a Known Shipper.

Can an IAC be a Known Shipper?

How much does it cost to become a Known Shipper?

If you are not a Known Shipper, by filling out the New Account Application, the process of becoming a Known Shipper with United Cargo will be started. During this process we will verify your information through the TSA database. If a site inspection is required there will be a non-refundable minimum fee of $75.00.

What is an unknown shipper?

An unknown shipper is a person or business that is not in the Known Shipper database maintained by the Transportation and Safety Administration (TSA). An unknown shipper cannot submit cargo to be shipped on an aircraft that carries passengers.