What is a winged collar shirt?

What is a winged collar shirt?

The wing collar tuxedo shirt is the most classic style of formal shirt. A wing tip collar tuxedo shirt has a small standing collar with the points (tips) pressed down so they stick out horizontally (resembling wings). You can never go wrong with this timeless style of tuxedo shirt.

What is a wing collar style?

THE COLLAR Also sometimes called wingtip, the wing collar is the most formal dress shirt. This collar stands up stiffly with small points pressed to stick out – and if you’re sticking to the rules, you tuck these pointed wings behind your bow tie.

How do you wear a wing tip collar?

Top Tips for Wearing a Wing Collar Shirt They should always be worn with a bow tie, never a tie. They are best suited to black tie and white tie events. Never wear them to semi-formal events. Tuck the winged tips behind your bow tie.

What is a pleated shirt?

The pleated front is probably the type of shirt most associated with a formal tuxedo, worn with a bow tie. It features panels of pleated fabric to each side of the button front, with pleats usually about 1/2-inch wide. They are fashioned from the same fabric as the shirt for a perfect match.

What is pleated fabric called?

Plissé originally referred to fabric that had been woven or gathered into pleats and has also been known as crinkle crêpe. It takes its name from the French word for fold. Today, it is a lightweight fabric with a crinkled, puckered surface, formed in ridges or stripes.

What is the purpose of pleats?

Pleats are used create volume in a garment. The fabric is gathered or folded together, which creates a fuller silhouette. Pleats not only provide an aesthetic function, they are also practical, as they allow for freedom of movement and airflow within a garment.

What is a Napoleon collar?

A knitted collar similar to a turtleneck, but without a turnover. Napoleonic collar. So called because of its association with Emperor Napoleon I Bonaparte’s military uniforms.