What is a WatchGuard Firebox?

What is a WatchGuard Firebox?

Your Firebox is a powerful network security device that controls all traffic between the external network and the trusted network. If computers with mixed trust connect to your network, you can also configure an optional network interface that is separate from the trusted network.

What can WatchGuard see?

With the suite of logging, reporting, and visibility tools that WatchGuard provides for your Firebox, you can see all the traffic through your network and monitor network activity to make sure that your network is secure.

What is WatchGuard Firebox T40?

A small-footprint security powerhouse that brings enterprise-level network security to small branch offices. WatchGuard’s Firebox T40 brings enterprise-level network security to small branch offices, in line with the reality of today’s increasingly distributed work style.

Are WatchGuard Firewalls any good?

Favorable Review We have been using it for years in our business and have found it to be a wonderful option. It is the most cost-effective and secure network firewall available.

Is a Firebox any good?

Firebox has a consumer rating of 1.91 stars from 22 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Firebox most frequently mention customer service problems. Firebox ranks 126th among Gadgets sites.

How do you set up a Firebox?

Prepare to Install Your Firebox

  1. Verify the basic components for your Firebox.
  2. Activate your Firebox.
  3. Record network address information.
  4. Select a network configuration mode.
  5. Select a location to install your servers.
  6. Select a Firebox setup wizard.

How do I monitor traffic on WatchGuard?

Connect to Fireware Web UI for your Firebox. Select Dashboard > Traffic Monitor. The Traffic Monitor page appears, with All logs selected….Filter and Search Traffic Monitor Log Messages

  1. — All Logs.
  2. — Traffic Logs.
  3. — Alarm Logs.
  4. — Event Logs.
  5. — Diagnostic Logs.
  6. — Performance Statistics Logs.

How do I read WatchGuard logs?

To see the log messages for a WatchGuard server, select Home > Servers. Select the Name of a Firebox, cluster, group, or server. The Tools > Executive Dashboard page opens. From the Start and End drop-down calendars, select the start and end date and time for the log messages, then click Apply.

How do I reset my WatchGuard t40?

Restore Factory-Default Settings

  1. Power off the Firebox.
  2. Press and hold the Reset button on the back of the Firebox.
  3. Power on the Firebox while you continue to hold the Reset button.
  4. Continue to hold the Reset button until the Attn indicator on the front of the Firebox begins to flash.
  5. Release the Reset button.