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What is a sup carrier?

What is a sup carrier?

SUP Sling Carrier provides Stand Up Paddle Boards with an easy carry sling. the SUP Sling Carrier fits Stand Up Paddle Boards for easy SUP carry. easiest sling to use – no fiddly buckles or straps to get tangled! two step velcro closure, attaches tight around your board in seconds!

How do you transport a sup on a roof rack?

Quick Guide to Transporting Your SUP on a Vehicle’s Roof Rack

  1. Step 1– Pad the rack.
  2. Step 2 – Place your board on the roof rack centered between the crossbars deck down, tail first.
  3. Step 3 – Attach the straps according to your roof rack model.
  4. Step 4 – Check that the straps are tight and your board can’t move around.

How do you transport a SUP on a roof rack?

Can you transport SUP inflated?

Never transport the board fully inflated. Heat from the sun or a change in elevation can increase the board’s pressure and cause a catastrophic seam failure. Let air out until the board yields when you press on it.

What is a sup wheels board carrier?

Sup Wheels ® board carrier will make easy work of carrying your stand up paddle board and surfboards to the water. SUP Wheels have been carrying boards for tens of thousands of active paddler over the years. SUP Wheels is the perfect sup carrier for anyone that walks or bikes to the water.

Why choose sup wheels?

Our patented transport systems protects you and your board with the easiest way to get to the water. Patented no metal wheel and axle system will hold up to harsh beach sand, dirt and salt water. Whether you are out paddling on your own or with your family and their gear, SUP Wheels is the easy and fastest way to the water.

How do you transport your SUP board when you drive?

For example, the Yakima SUP Brah Nose/Tail Tie Down Kit will secure your board against fore/aft winds while you’re driving. Next up are full “SUP specific” carrier systems designed to secure and transport one or more SUP boards. Expect to find padded racks, integrated straps, and locking mechanisms.

What is a Thule sup taxi?

The SUP Taxi carrier system is easy to install and includes a locking mechanism to keep your boards secure. The Thule SUP Taxi can work on round, square, or factory bars. Thule also makes the SUP Shuttle Carrier, which can also carry up to 2 boards and extends to 34″ wide.