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What is a studio gangster?

What is a studio gangster?

There has always been talk of people being studio gangsters which are fake gangsters that pretend to be from the streets by rapping about it.

Who is the baddest rapper ever?

Marshal Bruce Mathers, professionally known as Eminem is on the top of this list of best rappers in the world. You might be knowing him from his all-time epic – Rap God, and trust us he literally owns the title. In the Billboard list of the best all-time rappers, he is the top one who is alive.

Who was first gangster rapper?

rapper Schoolly D
Philadelphia rapper Schoolly D is generally considered the first “gangsta rapper” or one of the first “gangsta rappers”, significantly influencing the more popular early gangsta rap originator, Ice-T. Ice-T was born in Newark, New Jersey, in 1958.

Who was the first gangsta rapper?

Schoolly D
Beginnings: Ice-T and Schoolly D Ice-T had been MCing since the early ’80s, but first turned to gangsta rap themes after being influenced by Philadelphia rapper Schoolly D and his 1985 album Schoolly D, often considered to be the originator of gangsta rap.

Who is the best gangsta rapper from the east coast?

Also known as The Notorious B.I.G, Biggie Smalls was easily the best and most well-known gangsta rapper from the East coast. Gangsta rap was mainly associated with the West Coast of America with major artists like Dre and Snoop coming from California and Death Row being based there too.

What is gangsta rap?

Gangsta rap was, at its peak in the 1990’s, a musical force to be reckoned with. Coming from the streets of the inner-cities in America in the mid-1980s, early stars like Ice T gave way to true music icons like 2Pac and Snoop.

Was Eazy-E the first gangsta rap king?

Before Death Row records and Suge Knight become the embodiment of this genre, Eazy-E was the original gangsta rap impresario. Running Ruthless Records, he was the driving force behind the group that invented the whole Gangsta rap scene with NWA.

Was Tupac the greatest gangsta rapper of all time?

Tracks like ‘California Lovin’ and ‘Hit Em Up’ are rightly lauded as classics while albums like ‘The 7 Day Theory’ and ‘All Eyez on Me’ made him a true artist, rather just than a singles rapper. With around 75 million album sales to date and a legacy that will go on forever, Tupac really was the greatest Gangsta rapper ever.