What is a spin echo?

What is a spin echo?

During these experiments he observed a spin echo signal; that is, a signal from the magnetic nuclei that occurred after a two pulse sequence at a time equal to the delay time between the two pulses. This discovery, and his brilliant analysis of the experiments, gave birth to a new technique for studying magnetic resonance.

How to calculate spin-spin relaxation time in multiple pulse sequence?

2• In the multiple pulse sequence a series of 180 0 pulses spaced a time ‘t apart is applied as: 33 90° –‘t /2 –180° –‘t–1800 –t –180° –etc creating a series of echoes equally spaced between the 180° pulses. The exponential decay of the maximum height of the echo envelope can be used to calculate the spin-spin relaxation time.

Why did teachspin make a new system?

(The very first instrument delivered is still in continuous use by students in Carnegie Mellon’s advanced physics lab.) When key electronic components became obsolete, TeachSpin decided that the time had come to create an entirely new system, incorporating some of the capabilities most often suggested by our “constituency.”

What is spin-spin relaxation?

Spin-spin relaxation (T2) is a measure of the interactions between spins within a spin system. Instead of transfering energy out of the system, as is the case with spin-lattice interactions, spin-spin interactions induce a loss of coherence. Created Date