What is a sonday?

What is a sonday?

The Sonday System is a comprehensive line of materials designed to help educators provide multisensory reading instruction to students from pre-K through 8th grade reading levels. Using proven Orton-Gillingham methods, the Sonday System is simple, quick to implement and highly effective.

What is sonday intervention?

Sonday System 1 offers structured, systematic, multisensory reading intervention for readers at the beginning stages of reading through the end of the 2nd-grade reading level. Each lesson plan uses proven Orton-Gillingham methods to provide effective intervention in small-group settings.

How do you use sonday?

The group read the three words in unison. The teacher then places a new card on top of the existing cards, or switches the order of the words by moving the piles. The group reads the words again. If the teacher hears an error, the whole group should be prompted to “trace” the word.

What is sonday training?

Sonday System Essentials is the simplest way to bring proven multisensory phonics instruction to kindergarten through 5th grade general education classrooms and distance learning settings. It helps instructors quickly identify those students who could benefit from reading intervention.

Is sonday Orton-Gillingham based?

The Sonday System is based on Orton-Gillingham instructional principles that have been well documented over time. The Orton-Gillingham approach has been the subject of five major reading research studies over the last 70 years, in 1940, 1956, 1969, 1979, and 1984.

What is sonday touch spell?

In Sonday System 1, students engage in a ball toss activity to strengthen phoneme isolation skills. Lessons also include “Touch Spell,” a method for physically segmenting sounds, before writing a word.

What does sonday focus on?

The intermediate reading intervention program, Sonday System 2, focuses more on developing vocab and comprehension methods. Lessons are focused around prefix, suffix, and word root use in reading comprehension.

Who wrote sonday system?

Sonday System 1 (Sonday System, 1 Learning To Read): Arlene Sonday: Books.

Is sonday good for dyslexia?

The highly structured program follows the teachings of Orton-Gillingham and is recommended by the International Dyslexia Association. The Sonday System has the required elements of the NRP (National Reading Panel) – phonological awareness, phonics instruction, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Is sonday evidence based?

Evidence of Effectiveness: Thirteen years of data collected from school districts using the Sonday System demonstrate a high degree of effectiveness.

How long are sonday lessons?

Sonday System E Built to be purchased by grade, each kit contains 180 expertly written mini lessons that are 20 minutes in length and can be delivered using smart board technology or in a traditional manner.

How many levels are in the Sonday System?

Contains structured, predictable, easy-to-follow plans and periodic progress checks for 5 pre-reading and 36 reading levels.

What is the Sonday System?

** The Sonday System is developed by Winsor Learning. It is an Orton-Gillingham Reading Intervention. This product can be used with Sonday Learning System for students to keep their data organized. I created this product in order to simplify my lesson planning.

Is the Sonday System right for my daughter?

The Sonday System is well regarded, and I know it quite well as I use it myself. The program uses a structured literacy approach to teach students to read and spell. Without knowing your daughter’s specific pattern of strengths and weaknesses, it is difficult for me to say whether this is indeed the program for her.

How can I use the Sonday System with Winsor Learning?

It can be used in whole group instruction in the classroom or virtually to go alongside with the Sonday System. ** The Sonday System is developed by Winsor Learning. It is an Orton-Gillingham Reading Intervention. This product can be used with Sonday Learning System for students to keep their data organized.

How do I register or get more information about Sonday?

To register or for more information, please contact Winsor Learning or call 1-800-321-7575. Click the catalog image for information about all Sonday System products and services!