What is a sea kelpie?

What is a sea kelpie?

But what are ‘kelpies’? A kelpie is a shape-changing aquatic spirit of Scottish legend. Its name may derive from the Scottish Gaelic words ‘cailpeach’ or ‘colpach’, meaning heifer or colt. Kelpies are said to haunt rivers and streams, usually in the shape of a horse.

Are mermaids and selkies the same?

They are seldom differentiated from mermaids. They are most commonly referred to as maighdeann-mhara in Scottish Gaelic, maighdean mhara in Irish, and moidyn varrey in Manx (‘maiden of the sea’ i.e. mermaids) and clearly have the seal-like attributes of selkies.

How do selkies get married?

A young farmer from the town of Mikladalur on Kalsoy island goes to the beach to watch the selkies dance. He hides the skin of a beautiful selkie maid so she cannot go back to sea, and forces her to marry him. He keeps her skin in a chest, and keeps the key with him both day and night.

How could you summon a male selkie?

Male Selkies have seductive powers over human women, and are rare. In order to summon them, a human woman must shed seven tears into the sea. Male Selkies tend to stay with their human spouses. The lives of female Selkies sometimes are considered that of tragedy if not careful.

What are the names of the two kelpies?

Duke and Baron – Scotland’s Kelpies.

How much did kelpies cost?

The sculpture was commissioned as part of the Helix project, which is regenerating a strip of land in central Scotland at a cost of £43m. The project is a partnership between Falkirk Council and Scottish Canals, and received a £25m grant from the Big Lottery fund.

Are selkies Fae?

Selkies are a variety of aquatic Fae. Taking the form of seals, they are often seen in the seawaters of Tokavaig.