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What is a regiment gunner in the RAF?

What is a regiment gunner in the RAF?

As an RAF Regiment Gunner, you will specialise in combat tactics, weaponry, fieldcraft and force protection. You will be part of a highly trained team carrying out a range of crucial duties to defend RAF bases and overseas air operations.

How much do RAF Regiment Gunners earn?

How much does a Gunner make at Royal Air Force in the United Kingdom? Average Royal Air Force Gunner yearly pay in the United Kingdom is approximately £18,981, which is 10% below the national average.

Does the RAF Regiment have special forces?

The RAF Regiment has seven regular and six reserve squadrons organised in to 7 wings. In addition, the RAF Regiment provides Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs) to the British Army and Royal Marines, and provides a flight sized commitment to the Special Forces Support Group.

Where are RAF Regiment gunners based?

Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base
The RAF Regiment Gunners are currently deployed at the Romanian Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base, as part of Operation Biloxi. Their role is to provide Force Protection to 121 Expeditionary Air Wing which is currently conducting the NATO enhanced Air Policing mission.

How big is the RAF Regiment?

RAF Regiment

The Royal Air Force Regiment
Size 1,850 regulars (2021), 570 reserves (2016)
Part of No. 2 Group, Air Command
Garrison/HQ Depot: RAF Honington
Nickname(s) “The Rock Apes”; “Rocks”

What guns do the RAF Regiment use?

Small arms and support weapons

  • SA80 individual weapon.
  • Glock 17.
  • L115A3 Long range ‘sniper’ rifle.
  • L129A1 sharpshooter rifle.
  • 81mm mortar.
  • Combat shotgun.
  • General purpose machine gun.
  • Grenade machine gun.

Do RAF gunners parachute?

Based at RAF Brize Norton, the Squadron is parachute trained. Originally formed in 1922 as an armoured car company. Composed of 175 personnel arranged into four flights and supporting elements.

Why are RAF Regiment called rock apes?

Origin of the “Rock Ape” nickname The term came into use after an accident in the Western Aden Protectorate in November 1952. Two RAF Regiment officers serving with the Aden Protectorate Levies at Dhala decided to amuse themselves by going out to shoot some of the hamadryas baboons (locally referred to as “rock apes”).

How many RAF Regiment Gunners are there?

What are RAF soldiers called?

RAF Regiment instructors are responsible for training all Royal Air Force personnel in basic force protection such as first aid, weapon handling and CBRN skills. The regiment and its members are known within the RAF as “The Regiment”, “Rock Apes” or “Rocks”.