What is a police photo lineup?

What is a police photo lineup?

Legally defined, a photo lineup (otherwise called a photo array or photo display), is when an officer shows a set of pictures to a victim to see if he or she recognizes the perpetrator of a crime. A positive identification could lead to an arrest and the identification can be used as prosecutorial evidence in court.

Why police do identification line up?

A police lineup (in American English) or identity parade (in British English) is a process by which a crime victim or witness’s putative identification of a suspect is confirmed to a level that can count as evidence at trial.

What is a corporal lineup?

Corporal lineups and video lineups were conducted in addition to traditional static photo arrays and a new “dynamic photo array” consisting of the use of front, left profile, and right profile images presented in an animated sequence within the standard six-pack photo array.

What is the difference between a simultaneous lineup and a sequential lineup?

In a simultaneous lineup, the suspect’s face is presented in a grid along with the fillers. The witness views all of these faces together before deciding to make an identification. In contrast, a sequential lineup presents each face to the witness one at a time.

What happens in a lineup?

In a live (in-person) lineup, the witness observes a line of actual persons — typically behind a one-way mirror — which may or may not contain the suspect. In a photo lineup, a line or grid of mugshot-style photographs is presented to the witness. Again, this grid may not necessarily contain the suspect.

Is a lineup is a form of interrogation?

A lineup or other face-to-face confrontation after the accused has been formally charged with an offense is considered a critical stage of the proceedings, therefore the accused has a right to have counsel present. What is the role of an attorney during a lineup? To make sure the procedure is fair.

What are the three basic types of identification procedures?

The three basic types of identification procedures are: Lineup, show-up, and photographic array. When is an accused entitled to counsel at an identification procedure? An accused in entitled to counsel at a post-indictment lineup that is conducted for identification purposes – a critical stage of a criminal proceeding.

What is a suggestive lineup?

Suggestive lineup. A flawed lineup that almost ensures that the victim or witness will identify the suspect. For example, if the suspect is male and the other lineup participants are female, this would be a suggestive lineup. In-court showup. A procedure in which a witness identifies the perpetrator in court.

What is a lineup multi suspect identification?

In multiple-suspect lineups, the probability of a possible mistaken identification rises as the number of suspects in a lineup increases. If more than one suspect must be presented in any one lineup, the fillers should be multiplied accordingly (e.g., two suspects indicate a minimum of eight fillers).

What is the difference in a physical live lineup and a show up?

A lineup is different from a show up in that a lineup requires the witness to identify the suspect from a group of people while a show up is a one on one identification. A photographic identification or commonly known as a photo array is the least reliable forms of identification .