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What is a mush ball?

What is a mush ball?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 16-inch softball (sometimes called clincher, mushball, cabbageball, puffball, blooperball, smushball and Chicago ball) is a variant of softball, but using a larger, softer ball with no gloves or mitts on the fielders.

Are you allowed to bunt in mush ball?

There is NO: a. Stealing, walks, bunts, or sliding.

What are the rules of Mushball?

SSC Mushball is non-contact and all players must avoid unnecessary contact at all times. Runners must give themselves up, get out of the way, or slide. Excessive or unsportsmanlike contact will result in an immediate ejection. At the discretion of the SSC, an ejected player may face further suspension.

How much does a mush ball weigh?

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Sport Type Baseball
Material Leather
Item Diameter 16 Inches
Item Weight 0.77 Pounds

What is unique about 16-inch softball in Chicago?

The Game Of 16-Inch Softball At that size, players are able to play the game without the need to use gloves. Plus, a 16-inch softball doesn’t travel as far as the smaller one when it. This makes playing games a lot easier in the Chicago landscape where there are plenty of smaller parks and playgrounds.

Is 16-inch softball a Chicago thing?

The Chicago softball is 16 inches in diameter, compared with the 12-inch standard-size softball. The ball is huge by comparison, and those who have played a lot of 12-inch softball have a tough time making the switch. It’s difficult to throw and it can be difficult to hit for distance.

Is a failed bunt a strike?

A foul bunt that is not caught in flight is always counted as a strike, even if it is a third strike and thus results in a strikeout of the batter. This is distinct from all other foul balls which, if not caught in flight, are only counted as a strike if not a third strike.

Is bunting illegal in MLB?

Actually it’s not banned. It’s just signaled from the batters dug-out that the batter is a bunter, and is automatically out. This will help speed up the game.

Who created softball?

George Hancock
Softball began in 1887 when George Hancock, a reporter for the Chicago Board of Trade, invented “indoor baseball”. By the spring of 1888, the game had spread outdoors.

Why is the softball so big?

Especially considering the rising trajectory of pitches. So, the main reason why a softball is bigger than a baseball is that its size makes it easier to hit and safer for everyone. In addition, a bigger ball is heavier and travels less which is important considering the dimensions of a softball field.