What is a Hi-Lok collar?

What is a Hi-Lok collar?

The Hi-Lok fastening system consists of two parts, a threaded pin and a threaded collar. It combines the best features of a rivet and a bolt-nut system. We stock a wide range of both the pins and collars under the HL part numbers as well as under OEM drawings like Bombardier and Boeing.

What is a Hi-Lok bolt?

The Hi-Lok™ fastener is a simple two-part fastener that suits many of today’s aerospace assembly needs. The all-purpose fastener can create a consistent torque on each fastener installed through integrated functions.

What are hi-Lok fasteners used for?

HI-LOK pins are commonly used in applications that require high tensile strength in extreme environments. HI-LOKs pins and HI-LOK collars offer extremely precise dimensions making HI-LOK fasteners commonly used in space, military, and commercial aviation application.

What is an Eddie bolt?

The Eddie-Bolt® 2 is a high-performance aerospace fastening system. The Eddie-PinTM is designed with five flutes in the upper portion of the threaded area which allow a positive mechanical lock to be made during installation with the free-running Eddie-NutTM.

What are cherry rivets?

Cherry® Nut Plate Rivets are “pull-through” or “hollow” type rivets. They are used where the high shear strength of the self-plugging type of rivet is not required.

How is Hi Lok measured?

Hi-Lok® Grip Gauge with Slide. Slide the tip of this gauge through a hole, draw the gauge back until the hook hits the backside of the hole and you’ll be able to correctly determine the proper length of the Hi-Lok® fastener needed.

How are hi Lok Fasteners measured?

Who makes Eddie bolts?

Howmet Aerospace
Product Catalog: Eddie-Bolt® Fastening System | Howmet Aerospace.

How LockBolt are installed?

Lockbolt installation is relatively simple. A pin is placed through the pre-drilled holes to join two pieces of material. The pin has a head chosen to suit the application, such as a rounded head, countersunk head, or extra wide head for softer material to prevent pull-through.

What is a Composi Lok?

An industry standard for blind fastening of composite joints Designed for use in composite laminates but equally well suited to metal structure, the Composi-Lok® family of fasteners provides superior joint integrity.

What is the difference between hi-Lok and hi lite?

HI-LITE™ pins are the direct evolution of HI-LOK™ pins. These fasteners can be used for clearance, or low interference fit throughout aircraft, from wings to fuselage, in engine fairings, and more. Combined with HI-LITE™ nuts and collars, they provide up to 13% weight saving compared to the previous HI-LOK™ generation.

What is a jo bolt?

Jo-bolt. A patented, high-strength structural fastener used where strength requirements are high. The Jo-bolt is passed through a close-tolerance hole, and a sleeve is pulled up over its tapered shank to form a blind head inside the structure.

How are hi-Lok Fasteners measured?

How is Hi-Lok measured?

How is the blind head of a Jo-bolt formed?

The Jo-bolt is passed through a close-tolerance hole, and a sleeve is pulled up over its tapered shank to form a blind head inside the structure. An opposition to the flow of alternating current or changing direct current, caused by inductance in the circuit.