What is a FSC logo?

What is a FSC logo?

FSC 100% labels identify products which are made of 100% virgin material from FSC-certified forests. FSC MIX labels identify products which are made with a combination of FSC virgin fiber, and/or recycled materials with Controlled virgin fiber. The mobius loop represents the total pre and post consumer recycled fiber.

What is FSC-certified material?

If a product, like a piece of tropical hardwood patio furniture, is labeled as “FSC Certified,” it means that the wood used in the product and the manufacturer that made it met the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council.

Why should we use FSC wood?

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certifies forests to ensure their environments are responsibly managed and meet the highest environmental and social standards. According to the FSC: The forests must be managed with due respect for the environment, the wildlife and the people who live and work in them.

When can I use the FSC logo?

you have the opportunity to use the logo to promote the FSC-certified and labelled products you sell or use. you have access to the FSC trademark portal and online marketing toolkit. you must be licensed with your national or regional FSC trademark service provider and obtain pre-approval for trademark use.

How do I use the FSC logo?

It is sufficient to show the code once per product or promotional material. 1.4 The FSC logo and the ‘Forests For All Forever’ marks shall include trademark symbol ® in the upper right corner when used on products or materials to be distributed in a country where the relevant trademark is registered.

Is a company FSC-certified?

Verify that a company is FSC Certified You can find this license code either on the invoice you receive from an FSC certified supplier or listed in the on-product label, which can be found on the FSC product or its packaging.

Is FSC wood strong?

Wood is a wonderful material: beautiful to look at, easy to work with, renewable, recyclable, carbon-efficient, low-energy and high-performance. FSC-certified timber is a strong pillar for more sustainable timber industries, such as construction and furniture.