What is a bass boat?

What is a bass boat?

Bass Boat: A type of boat that generally has a flat deck, low freeboard, and a shallow draft that is used primarily for fishing protected lakes and rivers. The Triton 21 TRX is a prime example of a bass boat.

What kind of fish is bass?

Definition of bass (Entry 1 of 4) : any of numerous edible marine or freshwater bony fishes (especially families Centrarchidae, Serranidae, and Percichthyidae of the order Perciformes)

Why do bass guitars have showers?

Adding to their sonic talents, showers even act as resonators, which means they enhance certain frequencies to deepen sound and enhance bass because of their cavity structure. Think of it like this: If you plucked a string with 100 Hz — which is about average for a bass guitar — it would vibrate 100 times per second.

Do fishing boats have bathrooms?

Center console fishing boats also offer cabins with plenty of living space that includes onboard bathrooms. These boats are small, but they use the space they do have wisely and practically. Sailboats also often come with cabins that feature bathrooms and other livable features.