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What is a 1×4 fixture?

What is a 1×4 fixture?

Unlike other recessed lighting options, flat panel fixtures can be placed flush against the ceiling for lighting that takes up minimal space. …

What is a surface mount light fixture?

Surface Mounted Lights A surface mounted light sits on top of a flat surface like the flat part of a ceiling and protrudes away from the surface. Surface mounts that are specifically mounted to the ceiling are also called ceiling mounts.

What are eyeball lights?

With a color-rendering index (CRI) of 93, light from the eyeball fixtures will show the true colors of objects and surroundings. These fixtures are designed for kitchen lighting, living room lighting, office lighting, bathroom lighting, basement lighting, museum lighting, and more.

How do I install surface lights without false ceiling?

Install Light Fixtures

  1. Table lamps. Table lamps add focussed light where you need it.
  2. Surface downlights. A surface ceiling light can be the focal point in the middle of the room.
  3. Wall sconces.
  4. Chandelier.
  5. Floor lamps.
  6. Track lights and picture lights.

What is profile light?

Profile Light Profile lighting is the modernistic amalgamation of interior space, designing knowledge and creative thinking by bringing together the power of aluminium profile channels, LED strip lights and power supplies into a single architectural concept to illuminate our spaces uniformly.

What is Troffer lighting?

Troffer lighting (aka recessed troffer lighting) is a term that is often used to describe indoor lighting fixtures that are mounted within a ceiling or ceiling grid, hence the term “recessed.” Typical fixture sizes include 1×4 troffers, 2×2 troffers, and 2×4 troffers.

What is the difference between surface mount and flush mount?

Surface mounting means it is mounted on top of a surface’s face. This means if you ran your hand along the surface, your hand would run into the object that was mounted. Now flush mounting means that there is a hole that will allow for whatever is being mounted to fit inside.