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What is 124YES?

What is 124YES?

124YES (Mobile Phone) Call or text 124YES (124937) and an operator will help you find publicly listed Australian phone numbers. They can also connect you through to the number or text it to your phone.

Is 1223 a free call?

Call 1223. The operator may be able to provide you with the number you’re looking for and send it to you by SMS. All calls to 1223 are $0.95 per minute with a $1.50 connection fee.

What is directory assistance number in Australia?

1223 National Directory Assistance (Fixed Phone and Mobile Phone) Call 1223 for assistance finding residential and business listings within Australia. Calls are answered by an automated speech recognition service.

What are directory assistance calls?

When you call an operator to request a telephone number, you are using directory assistance. This service can be provided by your local phone company, your long-distance company or various independent providers. The accuracy, price and method of access depend on the service you use.

How do I find out my Optus number?

You can find your phone number or username displayed in the top bar in My Optus app.

  1. Open the My Optus app. You may need to log in first.
  2. You’ll see your mobile number or username displayed.
  3. If you have multiple services, tap the icon in the top left corner to view all services.
  4. You’ll see all your services displayed.

What number is directory Enquiries?

Our Post Office Telecoms directory enquiries number (118 855) recently picked up some good press following regulator Ofcom’s announcement it wants to limit the cost of these types of numbers. Directory enquiries is a telephone service used to find out the telephone number of an individual or a company.

How do I remove directory assistance?

  1. Go to Admin Portal > Phone System > Company Info > Directory Assistance.
  2. Click Remove Listing.
  3. Click OK to proceed.

What phone number is 1223?

The Cambridge area code number length is 0+10 digits. It is numerically represented by the 1223 area code.

How do I get international directory assistance?

International Directory Assistance is an operator assisted service. You call us on 1225 to ask us to search for an International telephone number you wish to call.