What happens if you get a 2nd concussion?

What happens if you get a 2nd concussion?

Second impact syndrome (SIS) occurs when two concussions happen in a relatively short period of time and the second concussion is inflicted before the first has fully healed. This causes the brain to “lose its ability to self-regulate pressure and blood volume flowing” and causes rapid and severe brain swelling.

Can you recover from second impact syndrome?

Prognosis for Second Impact Syndrome Patients whose maximum intracranial pressure increases less than 30 mm Hg may have a good recovery. Also linked to recovery was the absence of pupillary light reflexes.

Does a second concussion take longer to heal?

Children who suffer from a second or third concussion take much longer to recover, according to a new study published in the medical journal Pediatrics.

How long does second impact syndrome last?

Pathophysiology of Second Impact Syndrome After the initial phase, a state of altered cerebral metabolism occurs and may last ten days,16 involving decreased protein synthesis and reduced oxidative capacity.

Is second impact syndrome common?

Epidemiology. Though the incidence of second impact syndrome is unknown, the condition is rare; very few cases have been confirmed in medical literature.

What are the dangers of second impact syndrome?

Second impact syndrome can lead to severe brain damage, neurological problems and even death. It is also closely related to other life-threatening sports injuries such as brain bleeds following head trauma.

How long does second impact syndrome take?

Death has been reported to occur in a matter of two to five minutes, usually without time to stabilize or transport an athlete from the playing field to the ED. This demise can occur far more rapidly than that of an epidural hematoma.

Why is second impact syndrome so serious?

Death or lifelong disability occurs because the brain suddenly loses its ability to regulate cerebral spinal fluid pressure, leading to severe swelling of the brain and possible herniation of the brain.

How fast does second impact syndrome happen?

They may even complete a play in a game and make it to the sideline themselves, but then collapse within a minute or two. The patient’s condition then worsens rapidly with loss of consciousness, loss of eye movement, dilated pupils, then respiratory failure. This can all take place within a few minutes.

Who most commonly gets second impact syndrome?

Most cases of second impact syndrome have occurred in young athletes, particularly those who participate in sports such as boxing, baseball, football, hockey, and skiing. If an athlete has suffered a concussion, it’s best if they don’t return to their sport until the symptoms of the initial head injury are gone.