What happened to Tim Hart?

What happened to Tim Hart?

Tim Hart, a smokejumper, died June 2, 2021 after being critically injured during a hard landing while parachuting into the Eicks Fire in New Mexico. One of his friends and co-workers has written a tribute to Tim.

Who is Tim Hart wildland firefighter?

Named in honor of Tim Hart, a smokejumper who lost his life on a fire incident this year, Tim’s Act is a comprehensive and widely supported effort to improve pay, ensure fundamental benefits, and recognize the unique conditions, skills, and qualification inherent to wildland firefighting.

Who is Tim Hart?

Tim Hart, who has died aged 61, was one of the original members of the highly successful folk-rock band Steeleye Span. When Ashley Hutchings left Fairport Convention to form a new band in 1971, he looked around for innovative folk musicians who were prepared to perform traditional folk songs with electric instruments.

What does it take to be a smokejumper?

In addition to passing the physical training test, prospective smokejumpers must meet the following requirements: Age: Must be at least 18 years old. Height: Must be not more than 77 inches or less than 60 inches tall without shoes. Weight: Must weigh at least 120 pounds but no more than 210 pounds without clothes.

What is a Forest Service smoke jumper?

Smokejumpers are specially trained wildland firefighters who provide an initial attack response on remote wildland fires. They are inserted at the site of the fire by parachute. In addition to performing the initial attack on wildfires, they may also provide leadership for extended attacks on wildland fires.

Is Maddy Prior married?

In 1974 Ralph McTell wrote “Maddy Dances” in her honour, included on his album Easy. Prior married bassist Rick Kemp, though they have since divorced.

Are Steeleye Span still together?

Steeleye Span are an English folk rock band formed in 1969….

Steeleye Span
Years active 1969–1978, 1980–present
Labels Park Shanachie Chrysalis Flutterby Mooncrest B&C
Associated acts The Woods Band The Carnival Band Silly Sisters

Where are smoke jumpers trained?

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) also has smokejumpers at two bases in Boise, Idaho and Fairbanks, Alaska. Smokejumpers travel all over the country, including Alaska, to provide highly-trained, experienced firefighters and leadership for quick initial attack on wildland fires in remote areas.

Are there smoke jumpers in North Carolina?

NORTH CASCADES SMOKEJUMPERS IN 1939 The Methow Valley is considered the “birthplace of smokejumping.” The initial experimental jumps were made during the fall of 1939 using the first Forest Service aircraft, an SR-10 Stinson.

Where are smokejumper bases?

How many smokejumpers have died?

How many smokejumpers have died? This information is a tribute to the more than 5,000 men and women who have served our nation as smokejumpers since the start of the program in 1939. These are the accounts of the lives and deaths of the more than 30 smokejumpers who have been killed in the line of duty.