What happened to Jack Downer Street Panna?

What happened to Jack Downer Street Panna?

On June 6th he was involved in a collision with a goalkeeper during a charity match, lacerating his liver. He should not be alive, but thankfully, he is.

Who is street Panna?

Street football star Jack Downer is defining the booming world of panna. In 2020, he cemented his status as a panna superstar by winning the Super Ball World Championship in Prague, and this year he’ll be part of the biggest global five-a-side tournament, Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five.

Who is the best panna player in the world?

Jack Downer is the Superball Panna World Champion, the face of the sport, with endorsement deals from the likes of adidas, EA Sports and Puma. He has taken on some of the Premier League’s biggest stars in the rapidly growing game, which has evolved out of the football freestyle movement.

Where is Street Panna from?

The word is from Suriname [in South America], but the sport is from Holland. Street football is huge in Holland, and panna [also borrows from] one-vs-one basketball. It’s now massive in Denmark, Germany, Japan and Russia, too.

Where does Jack Downer live?

London, England
Jack Downer – London, England, United Kingdom | Professional Profile | LinkedIn.

What is street Pannas real name?

Jack Downer
A rising star both in and outside street football, Jack Downer, aka Street Panna, has a ridiculous skillset that will leave you dizzy.

What team does Jack Downer support?

Player of Tango Squad Fc Tango Squad Fc is the Adidas YouTube football team. Where the best from Tango league tournaments have to earn their place to be on the team. I have been on the team since the first series.

What is Tango Squad FC?

Eight of the world’s top street footballers were hand-selected by Adidas to become members of Tango Squad FC, in which players will receive a once-in-a-lifetime academy-like experience throughout the UEFA Champions League season.