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What happened to Dale Dudley Klbj?

What happened to Dale Dudley Klbj?

4, 2022. Dale Dudley will no longer host drivetime mornings on 93.7 KLBJ. In a Facebook post, the The Dudley & Bob Show host claimed to have been fired. Station owners Waterloo Media say his contract was not renewed.

Who is B DOE on KLBJ?

Brian “B-Doe” Bymark moves from middays to mornings at Waterloo Media rock KLBJ-FM Austin, filling the void left with the recent exit of Dale Dudley. Bymark joins Bob Fonseca and Matt Bearden for the newly-named “Matt, Bob & B-Doe” morning show.

What station is Klbj Austin?

KLBJ (590 AM) is a commercial radio station in Austin, Texas, airing a news/talk radio format. It is owned by Sinclair Telecable Inc….KLBJ (AM)

City Austin, Texas
Broadcast area Austin metropolitan area
Frequency 590 kHz
Branding News Radio KLBJ

Who is B Doe?

B-DOE has been part of the Austin music scene for almost 20 years working in television and radio. He produced and hosted his own show, on the Austin Music Network. B-DOE was also a host of All Access Live, a nationally syndicated concert/interview TV show.

Where is Jeff Ward now?

AUSTIN, Texas — Jeff Ward, a longtime Austin radio host, will return to the city’s radio landscape when the Austin American-Statesman launches its new streaming station on April 13. The Statesman announced on Tuesday it is launching the Statesman News Network, a new 24-hour streaming station.

How much does Dale Dudley make?

Dale Dudley Net Worth : $ 800,000

Per Day: Per Hour: Per Second:
$ 1140 $ 19 $ 0.05

Is Matt Bearden back on KLBJ?

Bearden will also continue to be part of KLBJ-FM’s “Dudley & Bob with Matt” morning show. KLBJ-FM Program Director LA Lloyd will move from 12-3pm into the afternoon slot he previously held until February 2020.

Who owns KLBJ?

Emmis CommunicationsKLBJ / Owner

Who owns Waterloo media?

Sinclair Telecable
2019. Emmis sells it’s majority ownership to minority partner, Sinclair Telecable. Waterloo Media is born!

What happened to Jeff on KLBJ?

Is Jeff Ward still racing?

Last updated on: 9 December 2021. Jeffrey Ward (born 22 June 1961) is a British-American former professional motocross racer, auto racing driver and off-road racer….Jeff Ward (motorsports)

Wins Podiums Poles
1 8 2

Is Dudley and Bob Cancelled?

Dudley, Bob + Matt will be moving to the afternoon show starting on Feb. 3. AUSTIN, Texas — Dale Dudley will no longer be a part of the morning show on 93.7 KLBJ. The host, along with his co-hosts, will be switching to the afternoon drive-time show, he said.