What happened to D Wan Sims mother?

What happened to D Wan Sims mother?

Dwanna Wiggins died Monday in North Carolina. She had moved there from Michigan. Wiggins had said her son went missing while they were shopping at Wonderland Mall in Livonia in 1994.

How old was dwanna Wiggins?

According to the Associated Press, Wiggins — who has previously been known as Dwanna Jackson and Dwanna Harris — died in Durham, North Carolina last week, but a cause of death was not listed. Wiggins, 51, told police her son, 4-year-old D’wan Sims, disappeared while the two were shopping at the mall.

Who is D Wan Sims?

– Livonia police said a DNA test returned without a match for a man who believed he was D’wan Sims, a missing child who was last seen at a Livonia mall more than 25 years ago. D’Wan Sims was reported missing on Dec. 11, 1994 from Wonderland Mall in Livonia.

Was D Wan Sims found?

The man, whose name was not released by authorities, questioned his identity on Facebook based on his age and information he said he parents revealed to him about his childhood. “We are still actively investigating,” Livonia Police Capt. Tom Goralski said, adding that the boy’s body was never found.

What happened to Detrez green?

In 2017, an EF-3 category tornado touched down in Georgia’s Dougherty County, resulting in the disappearance of Green, who was just two years old at the time.

Was Mike Cash d Wan Sims?

The man, Mike Cash, authored a Facebook post in 2019 saying he suspected he was D’Wan, and submitted a DNA sample to Livonia police. Shortly after posting the claim, Cash told The Detroit News his cousins informed him he was D’Wan and that his mother had never been pregnant.

Was mike Cash d Wan Sims?

Was Detrez Green ever found?

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) – Saturday, January 22, 2022 marks five years since a deadly EF-3 tornado hit Dougherty County. The parents of Detrez Green, who was 2-years-old at the time, reported him missing that night. To this day, he has not been found.

Did Detrez Green exist?

The Detrez Green Case: What happened to the toddler that was reported missing after a deadly January 2017 storm? Detrez Green, 2, was reported missing after a deadly tornado hit Dougherty County in January 2017. He has yet to be found. Mystery still shrouds the case.

What was dwanna Wiggins’ cause of death?

According to relatives, Wiggins died in her home on Monday, Dec. 7. Police have not yet released her cause of death. A quarter-century ago, Dwanna Wiggins – whose last name was Harris at the time – implored police and the public to help locate her 4-year-old son who she said disappeared at Wonderland Mall in Livonia just before Christmas.

What happened to D’Wanna Harris?

Police did not release the cause of her death, but officers told CW50/CBS Detroit it’s under investigation. Back in 1994 — Wiggins then known as D’Wanna Harris — found herself in a tailspin when her son vanished Dec. 11 while shopping with her at Wonderland Mall.

What happened to D’Wan Sims?

The mother of a 4-year-old who disappeared more than a quarter century ago died this week — with no resolution of what became of her little boy, D’Wan Sims. Dwanna Wiggins died Monday in North Carolina.

What happened to John D’Wan?

Wiggins told police on Dec. 11, 1994, that D’Wan disappeared while they were shopping. Surveillance video showed the mother inside Wonderland Mall, but there were no images of D’Wan.