What happened to ABC Gardening Australia?

What happened to ABC Gardening Australia?

Gardening Australia has been off-air since June 26. The unusual production break has been providing a ratings bonus for rival Friday night lifestyle programs Better Homes and Gardens and freshly rebooted The Living Room.

Who is Caylee Gardening Australia?

Costa Georgiadis

Costa Georgiadis
Georgiadis in 2015
Born 1 January 1964 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Nationality Australian
Occupation Landscape architect, television presenter

Who is Costas wife?

Costas Mandylor
Born 3 September 1965 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Occupation Actor
Years active 1989–present
Spouse(s) Talisa Soto ​ ​ ( m. 1997; div. 2000)​

Why does Costa have a beard?

Costa previously revealed that he decided to grow his facial hair ‘long before [he] got involved with television’. ‘It’s not a fad, it’s not a trend,’ he said in February, adding that many people still assume the beard is designed to ‘hide something’.

Who is the little girl with Costa on Gardening Australia?

Eight-year-old Caylee has been learning to make her very own garden with the help of Gardening Australia’s Costa Georgiadis.

What nationality is Costa Georgiadis?

Costa Georgiadis/Nationality

Did Costa shave his beard?

And during an interview with the Sun Herald last weekend, the 54-year-old revealed the surprising reason he hasn’t shaved in over a decade. Although he has previously admitted he simply ‘hates’ maintaining it, he went on to confess that it is also a ‘sustainability statement’.

Where does Costa from Gardening Australia Live?

At the beginning of his role on GA, Costa established his community verge garden in his street in Bondi. The verge is now home to a street library, compost system, bathtub worm farm as well as indigenous plants and vegies.