What happened on Whiddy Island?

What happened on Whiddy Island?

In the early hours of Sunday, January 8, 1979, a fire began onboard the Betelgeuse which was docked at the jetty just off the shore of Whiddy Island. A subsequent explosion claimed the lives of all 50 people who had been on the tanker and jetty that night.

How many died on Whiddy Island?

51 people
In all, 51 people died, 42 French, seven Irish, one British and one Dutch man. The documentary features workers and firemen who fought to control the fire as well as family members. Among those who died was pollution officer Tim Kingston, whose son Michael is now calling for a State apology.

Is Whiddy Island still in use?

The terminal, located on Whiddy Island in Bantry Bay, has a storage capacity of over eight million barrels and is one of the largest and deepest drafts in Europe, holding a portion of Ireland’s strategic petroleum reserves. Zenith intends to continue operating the terminal on a commercial basis.

Who owns Whiddy Island?

Zenith Energy, headquartered in Houston, Texas purchased the terminal in February 2015 to serve as a critical commercial link in northwest Europe for crude and refined products. The company operates and builds oil terminals across the world including more than 20 facilities in the US, Europe and Latin America.

How do you get to Whiddy Island?

The Whiddy Ferry is licensed by the Dept. of the Marine and fully insured to take passengers to and from the island. The short trip from Bantry pier takes approximately 10-15 minutes. Off season, throughout the winter months there are usually four round trips per day.

How long is Bere Island?

The island is 11 kilometres, east to west long and 5 kilometres north south wide in size, with a population of just over 200.

Are dogs allowed on Whiddy Island?

Please note the seasonal ferry times to Whiddy Island before setting out from the pier at Bantry. Also, please refrain from bringing your dogs on this walk.

What size is Whiddy Island?

5.5km by 2.5km
Whiddy is 5.5km by 2.5km in size and today has a population of around 20 people. An aerial view on Google Maps clearly shows the current oil storage facility with its giant tanks occupying about one sixth of the island west of the island’s fresh water lake, Kilmore.

Is Whiddy island worth visiting?

Is Whiddy Island worth visiting? Yes. Whiddy Island in Cork is definitely worth a visit. Cork’s islands are often overlooked, but as Whiddy Island is a short, 15-minute spin from the mainland, it’s easy to reach and it’s worth the visit.

How long is Bere island?

Does anyone live on Bere Island?

Bere Island has a year round population of just under 200 which can almost treble in size over the busy summer months, with a full schedule of festivals, and events for visitors and islanders alike to enjoy.

Is Bere Island worth visiting?

Yes. Bere Island in Cork is definitely worth a visit. Bere Island is a short, 15-minute spin from the mainland, easy to reach and it’s worth the short spin.