What happened Jim Zorn?

What happened Jim Zorn?

Now, Zorn will again be leading a new team in Seattle, but this time he’s doing it as the head coach and general manager of the Seattle Dragons. Zorn joined 710 ESPN Seattle’s John Clayton to talk about his team and the new league.

How long did Jim Zorn play for the Seahawks?

He held second-string/backup quarterback positions with the Seahawks (1983–84), the Packers (1985), the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League (1986), and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1987), before retiring from football following the 1987 NFL season.

Where did Jim Zorn go to college?

Cerritos College
Cal Poly Pomona
Jim Zorn/College

Where is Steve Largent now?

Tulsa, Oklahoma
I am basically retired now,” said Largent, who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he was born 65 years ago.

Where did Jim Zorn go to high school?

Cal Poly PomonaGahr High School
Jim Zorn/Education

When did Jim Zorn retire?

2007Seattle Seahawks
2009Washington Commanders
Jim Zorn/Retired

Was Jim Zorn a good quarterback?

Jim had good speed, and a good sense of when to stay in the pocket and when he had to go.” Said Raible: “Anybody who knows Seahawks football from the beginning, knows that Jim Zorn was the first star of the franchise. He did things that only a few other quarterbacks at that time were able to do.

What nationality is Jim Zorn?

AmericanJim Zorn / Nationality