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What GPA do you need for Golden Key?

What GPA do you need for Golden Key?

3.75 or above
Cumulative GPA of 3.75 or above. Completed a minimum of six semester hours in your current program. Enrolled in a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Obtained an academic level of sophomore, junior, or senior (if earning a bachelor’s)

Is the Golden Key International Honour society legitimate?

The society is open to more members than most collegiate honor societies, but after a series of scandals some have concluded Golden Key is an academic scam. It is up to students who receive Golden Key’s direct mail to decide for themselves whether member benefits outweigh the costs.

How do you get a Golden Key UFS?

What are the requirements for membership? Degree courses only. Students must have completed at least one full year of study at a university. Top 15% of students per field of study in any undergraduate and post-graduate degree.

Does Golden Key cost money?

Membership into Golden Key is offered to undergraduate and graduate students recognized to be among the top 15% of their class by GPA. Lifetime membership is given to those who pay a one-time fee, which was US$60 in 2002 and as of 2021 is US$95 in the United States.

How prestigious is Golden Key honor society?

Founded in 1977 at Georgia State University, The Golden Key International Honor Society is the largest honor society in the world, with an impressive two million members. It is also the only one to be based on a foundation of Academics, Leadership, and Service.

What are the benefits of joining Golden Key?

Golden Key offers numerous scholarships and awards, available only to members, as well as career development, networking and literacy service opportunities and unique discounts from partner companies.

Does Golden Key look good on a resume?

Being in the top 15% isn’t that special, as evidenced by Golden Key’s 2.4 million members. Golden Key members/PR are corrupting the Wikipedia page. With such divisiveness online, putting Golden Key on your resume might actually be detrimental to your job prospects.

Is Golden Key an award?

Golden Key is is the world’s largest collegiate honour society, internationally recognised, non-profit organization affiliated with over 400 universities throughout Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, the Bahamas, South Africa, India and the United States.

Is Golden Key membership for life?