What does triple matted mean?

What does triple matted mean?

Triple mats add further depth and distinction to art. By alternating the textures and colors of mats, you can achieve a border for the art that both highlights and augments the art’s impact.

What is Matbord?

A lesson on Matboards. Matboard, also referred to as a mat, is a heavy paper-based material used in the picture framing process. This cardboard-like material sits between a frame and your photography or artwork to give it a complete finished look.

Can you take mat out of picture frame?

Grasp the edges of two opposing corners of the mat, taking care to touch the mat only, and flip the mat and artwork over, face up. Carefully lift the mat from all sides to open it and reveal the artwork below. Try not to touch the artwork itself. Once you’ve removed the artwork from the frame, take lots of photos.

What is the point of mats?

Mats serve a range of purposes including: serving to clean items passed over it, such as a doormat, which removes dirt from the soles of shoes. protecting that which is above the mat, such as a wrestling or gymnastics mat, or an anti-vibration mat.

How wide should a picture mat be?

As a general rule, your mat should always be 1.5 times as wide as your frame, or wider. If the mat is smaller than the frame, you run the risk of the artwork appearing stuffed into the frame.

What is a gallery mat?

A mat is the white space between your photograph and the frame. Most commonly you would think of a mat as the thick white paper between your photograph in the frame, but a little later I’m going to let you in on how I mat my photographs digitally.

What is top and bottom mat?

The window opening of the bottom mat surrounds the image. The top mat has a larger window, which allows a small border of the bottom mat, called the reveal, to be shown. The width of the reveal varies; however, it generally averages between 1/8” and 1/2″ and most often it’s a different color.

What is acid-free matting?

Paper mat that is made of wood-pulp is often called acid free as the acid is buffered out through a chemical process. These are the Conservation brand of matboards that are sold by most high-end frame shops.