What does the radiate ligament connect?

What does the radiate ligament connect?

radiate ligament – formed by three bands which connect the rib head to the vertebral bodies. A central band runs deep to the anterior longitudinal ligament and blends into the intervertebral disc to join the ligament on the opposite side.

What is the function of the radiate ligament?

Radiate ligaments span from the anterior surface of each rib heads to the adjacent vertebral bodies and intervertebral disc. They span into three directions; Superiorly, to connect the rib with the vertebra immediately above. Horizontally, to connect the rib head with IV disc.

What does the radiate ligament resist?

It resists excessive separation of the adjacent vertebral lamina and prevents buckling of the ligament into the spinal canal during extension, preventing canal compression. The lateral portion of the ligament prevents the anterior capsule of the facet joint being nipped within the joint cavity during movement.

What is the radiate ligament?

Medical Definition of radiate ligament : a branching ligament uniting the front of the head of a rib with the bodies of the two vertebrae and the intervertebral disk between them. — called also stellate ligament.

Where does the radiate ligament attach?

The radiate ligament connects the anterior part of the head of each rib with the side of the bodies of two vertebrae, and the intervertebral fibrocartilage between them. It consists of three flat fasciculi, which are attached to the anterior part of the head of the rib, just beyond the articular surface.

What connects your ribs to your spine?

Costovertebral joints. The costocorporeal joint is where the rib head connects with two adjacent vertebral bodies and the disc between them. The bottom of the vertebral body above has a costal demifacet (partial facet), and so does the top of the vertebral body below.

What are the four different places where ribs attach?

Ribs connect to vertebrae at the costovertebral joints. The parts of a rib include the head, neck, body (or shaft), tubercle, and angle.

Where is the radiate ligament?

Do ribs attach to spine?

Costovertebral ligaments attach the ribs to the thoracic vertebrae. The first seven rib sets are connected to the thoracic vertebrae in your back and the sternum (or breastbone). In the front of the rib cage, and between the ribs, are the costochondral joints and costal cartilage.