What does the hand thing in friends mean?

What does the hand thing in friends mean?

Fist-banging (Equivalent to the ‘middle finger’) Throughout the series, the characters sometimes bang their fists together as an equivalent to giving someone the middle finger. This became a running joke starting in Season 4 (The One With Joey’s New Girlfriend) when Ross did it to Rachel after she insulted him.

What does hitting your elbows together mean in friends?

Ross developed a method of showing how finger to his parents without actually showing them. It was done by bumping the fists together. By bumping his elbows, he is actually showing his finger to everyone in the room.

Which friends episode has the hand gestures?

The One with Ross’s Thing.

What does banging two fists mean?

A gesture of greeting, elation, or congratulation in which one person taps the end of a fist against that of another person. noun. The definition of a fist bump is the motion of two fists hitting each other as a greeting or celebration.

What does clapping your elbows together mean?

An elbow bump is an alternative to such gestures as a handshake or hug. It involves two people tapping their elbows together, and is especially done in greeting or parting to avoid getting or spreading a contagious disease.

Do what the hand says Rachel?

RACHEL: & I’m telling you, you with your steady hand, I am not moving & now I have got the steady hand! MONICA: Take care of that. RACHEL: That’s right! You do what the hand says!

Why does Ross do the hand thing?

It means to give someone the middle finger without actually giving one . Ross made up this gesture to screw with his parents and fool them.

How many times was oh my god said in friends?

Ross was so excited during the series finale that he said “Oh my God” 9 times.

What does elbow touching mean?

Is Chandler missing part of a finger?

Although it’s never mentioned in the series, actor Matthew Perry, who played the role of the funny and sarcastic Chandler Bing on the show, is actually missing the tip of his middle finger.