What does s9014 mean?

What does s9014 mean?

GUANGDONG HOTTECH INDUS… The S9014 is an NPN epitaxial silicon planar transistor designed for use in the audio output stage and converter/inverter circuits. Shenzhen Jin Yu Semicon…

What are the features of s9014tnpn-C?

S9014TNPN SiliconElektronische BauelementePre-Amplifier, Low Level & Low NoiseRoHS Compliant Product A suffix of “-C” specifies halogen & lead-freeTO-92FEATURES4.550.2 3.50.2Power dissipation PCM : 0.4 WCollector currentICM : 0.1 ACollector-base voltageV (BR)CBO : 50 V0.43+0.080.0746+0.10. 0.1Operating & storage junction temperature (1.27

What are the features complementary to s9015?

COLLECTOR Features Complementary to S9015 MARKING: J6 Dimensions in inches and (millimeters)MAXIMUM RATINGS (TA=25 unless otherwise noted) Symbol Parameter Value UnitsVCBO Collector-Base Voltage 50 V VCEO Collector-Emitter Voltage 45 V VEBO Emitter-Base Voltage 5 V IC Collector Current -Continuous 0.1 A S9014 (NPN)TO-92 Bipolar TransistorsTO-92 1.

What are the features of S901 4wtransistor (NPN)?

S901 4WTRANSISTOR (NPN)SOT323 FEATURES Complementary to S9015W Small Surface Mount Package MAXIMUM RATINGS (Ta=25 unless otherwise noted) Symbol Parameter Value Unit 1. BASE V Collector-Base Voltage 50 V CBO2. EMITTER V Collector-Emitter Voltage 45 V CEO3. COLLECTOR V Emitter-Base Voltage 5 V EBOIC Collector Current 100 mA P Collector Power Dissi