What does Rp stand for in RP Lumber?

What does Rp stand for in RP Lumber?

R. P. Home & Harvest

Formerly Big R Stores (1964-2021) Stock + Field (1964-2021)
Founders Bill Crabtree Pat Crabtree
Headquarters Wateska, Illinois, Canada
Number of locations 22 (2021)
Area served Illinois Indiana Michigan Ohio Wisconsin

How much is Rp lumber worth?

R. P. Lumber Fast Facts R. P. Lumber’s annual revenues are $100-$500 million (see exact revenue data) and has 500-1,000 employees. It is classified as operating in the Home Improvement Centers industry.

What brand of paint does RP Lumber carry?

Glidden Total Interior Paint + Primer. Glidden Total Exterior Paint + Primer. Glidden Spred. Glidden Complete.

How many locations does RP Lumber have?

Founded by Robert Plummer in 1977 and based in Edwardsville, IL, R.P. Lumber has grown to a physical presence in 72 locations throughout Illinois, Missouri, Wyoming, and Iowa, and serves customers in numerous other states including Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Kansas, Nebraska, and …

Is RP Lumber buying stock and field?

R.P. Acquisition Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of R.P. Lumber Co., Inc., announced its acquisition of the assets of Stock+Field.

Where did RP Lumber start?

Staunton, IL
Based in Edwardsville, IL, R.P. Lumber opened its first location in Staunton, IL in 1977 and has continued to grow throughout the states of Illinois, Missouri, and Wyoming.

Who bought stock and field?

R.P. Lumber Co. Inc
Stock + Field, formerly known as Big R, has been rebranded as R.P. Home & Harvest after it was bought out of bankruptcy by R.P. Lumber Co. Inc.

Is stock and field going out of business in Illinois?

Stock+Field, the farm supply and outdoor department store, has filed for bankruptcy and is closing all 25 of its locations. Formerly known as ‘Big R’, the company’s website now links to a federal bankruptcy case. The stores are in Illinois and Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Is RP Lumber buying Stock and field?

Who bought out Stock in Field?

R.P. Acquisition Corp.
R.P. Acquisition Corp., a subsidiary of R.P. Lumber Co., will acquire the assets of Stock+Field and begin operating the stores under new management in April.