What does retrospective perspective mean?

What does retrospective perspective mean?

looking back
Retrospective means looking back. An art exhibit that cover an artist’s entire career is called a retrospective because it looks back at the work the artist has produced over many years.

What does it mean to do something retrospective?

Doing something retrospectively means being conscious of what happened previously, or applying something new to past events.

What is retrospective person?

A retrospective or retroactive award is one which is created and then awarded to persons who would have received it before. Alternatively, a slight change to the criteria of an existing award may result in retrospective awards being presented to persons who would have won the award under present rules.

What is the difference between Retrospect and retrospective?

As nouns the difference between retrospect and retrospective is that retrospect is consideration of past times while retrospective is retrospective, montage.

What is the difference between prospective and retrospective?

Retrospective means looking backwards (into the past) while prospective means looking forward (into the future).

What does retrospective mean in psychology?

the process of reviewing or reflecting on an experience from the past, either directed (as in learning and memory research) or spontaneous (as in evaluating one’s behavior in a given situation).

What is retrospective literature?

Written using past-tense, first-person narration, a retrospective narrative is told from the point of view of a character looking back on past events.

What does retrospectively mean in law?

retrospectively | Business English with effect from a date in the past before a law, decision, etc. was approved: The Revenue is still deciding if the changes will apply retrospectively.

What is the difference between prospective and perspective?

Prospective has to do with what might happen in the future—it means potential, likely, or expected, as in prospective students or prospective customers. Perspective relates to viewpoint—it can refer to a physical viewpoint, a personal point of view, or a technique used in art.