What does resistance futile mean?

What does resistance futile mean?

“Resistance is futile” was the trademark statement of the Borg, an amalgamated race of biomechanical beings determined to assimilate every group of humans it encountered. If the targeted population refused to be assimilated, they were simply destroyed and the Borg moved on to its next target.

Why Is resistance futile?

Resistance is futile. ‘ As said by the Borg in Star Trek! This is such an important point to understand as it plays out in every area of our lives, and indeed, impacts our results. When we feel pain, emotional or otherwise we want to resist it, yet the very act of resisting means it will persist.

WHO said resistance futile?

The Borg
This line is spoken by The Borg in the TV show Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1994).

Where does Resistance is futile come from?

What does Resistance is Futile mean? Resistance is futile is an iconic line from the science fiction franchise, Start Trek. The line is used by the Borg in the series, who assimilate various cultures into their own and warn the encountered species, that “resistance is futile”.

How do you use futile in a sentence?

Futile sentence example

  1. She sighed at the futile thoughts.
  2. Several futile attempts have been made to draw conclusions as to the intelligence of various birds.
  3. His efforts were worse than futile .
  4. He settled in England as a West India merchant, making another futile attempt to enter parliament.

Where does resistance is futile come from?

Is Resistance is futile trademarked?

RESISTANCE IS FUTILE Trademark of CBS Studios Inc. – Registration Number 5259400 – Serial Number 87172242 :: Justia Trademarks.

WHO said resistance is futile You will be assimilated?

The Borg wish to assimilate humans in order to get closer to perfection. With their popular Catchphrase “Resistance is Futile” – the Borg Collective travel the Star Trek universe assimilating different species.

Do Daleks saying resistance is futile?

Dalek Trek : Resistance is futile, you will be exterminated.

When was Resistance Is Futile first used?

What’s the history behind the term? The first example I can find of the exact phrase “Resistance is futile” comes from the 1976 episode of Doctor Who, The Deadly Assassin Part 4: DOCTOR: The Master’s consumed with hatred. It’s his one great weakness.

What is the difference between resistance and futility?

“Resistance” is the act of working against something, taking an action of opposition. “Futile” means one’s actions will produce no result, that one will be absolutely ineffective in opposing some condition.

What does resistance is futile mean in Star Trek?

The line is used by the Borg in the series, who assimilate various cultures into their own and warn the encountered species, that “resistance is futile”. It has been adopted by many more than just the fans of the series, due to the imposing nature of the quote.

What is the meaning of futile?

Definition of futile. 1 : serving no useful purpose : completely ineffective efforts to convince him were futile. 2 : occupied with trifles : frivolous. Other Words from futile Synonyms & Antonyms Choose the Right Synonym More Example Sentences Learn More about futile. Keep scrolling for more.