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What does primitively wingless mean?

What does primitively wingless mean?

The primitively wingless hexapods undergo little or no metamorphosis. Instead, the larval forms are smaller versions of their adult parents.

What are the characteristics of apterygote insects?

Characteristics. The primary characteristic of the apterygotes is they are primitively wingless. While some other insects, such as fleas, also lack wings, they nonetheless descended from winged insects but have lost them during the course of evolution.

What is the difference between Exopterygota and Endopterygota?

Endopterygota (literally “internal winged forms”) develop wings inside the body and undergo an elaborate metamorphosis involving a pupal stage. Exopterygota (“external winged forms”) develop wings on the outside their bodies and do not go through a pupal stage.

Which 3 insect orders are included in the Entognatha?

Entognatha are apterous, meaning that they lack wings. The class contains three orders: Collembola (springtails), Diplura (“two-tail”) and Protura (“first-tail”), and over 5000 known species.

What is secondarily wingless?

‘winged’) are a subclass of insects that includes the winged insects. It also includes insect orders that are secondarily wingless (that is, insect groups whose ancestors once had wings but that have lost them as a result of subsequent evolution).

Are dragonflies Exopterygota?

Major Orders in the Superorder Exopterygota: Order Ephemeroptera – mayflies. Order Odonata – dragonflies and damselflies. Order Orthoptera – crickets, grasshoppers and locusts. Order Phasmida – stick and leaf insects.

What is the class of apterygota?

InsectsApterygota / Class

What do you mean by wingless and primitively wingless insects?

apterygote, broadly, any of the primitive wingless insects, distinct from the pterygotes, or winged insects.

What is the difference between apterygota and pterygota?

The key difference between apterygota and pterygota is that apterygota is a subclass of insects comprised of wingless insects, while pterygota is a subclass of insects comprised of winged insects. Insects are the largest group within the arthropod phylum.

What is the meaning of pterygota?

Definition of Pterygota : a subclass of Insecta consisting of the winged and secondarily wingless insects — compare apterygota.