What does open pontil mean?

What does open pontil mean?

A pontil mark or punt mark is the scar where the pontil, punty or punt was broken from a work of blown glass. The presence of such a scar indicates that a glass bottle or bowl was blown freehand, while the absence of a punt mark suggests either that the mark has been obliterated or that the work was mold-blown.

What is a sand pontil?

Sand Pontil & “Disk Pontil” variation This mark was formed when the hot glass gather on the flared or ball shaped tip of an iron pontil rod was slightly cooled then dipped in sand (or small glass chips) prior to application to the bottle base (Van den Bossche 2001).

What is a mold mark on glass?

Molded or pressed glass will not have a pontil mark on the bottom. Instead, look for seams present to indicate that a mold was used in the manufacture, as mentioned above. The mold seams are usually found on the sides of the piece where a mold would have fit together during production.

What is a pontil in glass?

The pontil, or punty, is a solid metal rod that is usually tipped with a wad of hot glass, then applied to the base of a vessel to hold it during manufacture. It often leaves an irregular or ring-shaped scar on the base when removed. This is called the “pontil mark.” pontils.

What is Punty in glass blowing?

punty (plural punties) (glassblowing) A metal rod used in the glassblowing process. After a glass vessel has been blown to approximate size and the bottom of the piece has been finalized, the rod, which is tipped with a wad of hot glass, is attached to the bottom of the vessel to hold it while the top is finalized.

What is a mold seam?

DEFINITION. BLANK AND BLOW MOLD SEAMS. Seams which are relatively large, extending from the shoulder to the bottom of the container.

Do bubbles in glass mean its old?

Bubbles in old glass bottles and windows are actually air pockets that became trapped during the manufacturing process. Crude glass almost always contains bubbles, which often adds to its appeal and value among collectors.