What does multifunction meter do?

What does multifunction meter do?

Multifunction Energy Meters are used for monitoring electrical installations. A Multifunction energy meter monitors and measures all the electrical parameters such as voltage, active power, apparent power, current, power factor, reactive power, Active energy, phase angle and so on.

What is the use of secure meters?

Secure Meters’ products and services include meter, monitor, manage and reduce the use of energy from generation to consumption and their solutions include grid metering, consumer gas and electricity smart metering systems, pump and blower efficiency services, consumer products and services for electric and gas …

What is the difference between Trivector meter and multifunction meter?

You an configure a Trivector meter for different CT / Pt settings Just enter the ratios and the metering will be done accordingly ..whereas Multi Function meter can only be used for a fixed CT/PT configuration for which it has been designed.

How do you read a secure meter?

How do I read my Secure smart meter?

  1. Press 6 on the keypad.
  2. You’ll see the letters “IMP R01” appear on the screen.
  3. Wait a moment – then eight digits will appear, followed by “kWh” towards the bottom right of the screen.
  4. Take the first 7 digits – this is your reading.

How can I check my secure prepaid electricity meter balance?

balance. Or You may know your balance amount in CIU also by pressing the Button No. 1, through meter display, SMS alerts, Web URL, TSSPDCL Prepaid Mobile App.

What is VAF meter?

The VAF model meters from Trinity are True RMS type digital meters for use in three phase four wire LT electrical systems. The design of these meters is based on proven micro-controller technology, resulting in compact and accurate meters. The design uses powerful micro-controller based technology.

What does error D4 mean on electric meter?

Your key isn’t talking to
D4, 10. Your key isn’t talking to your meter correctly. Get in touch and give us your meter serial number. We’ll then give you a code so you can get your key reset at your nearest PayPoint, Payzone or Post Office.