What does Moon opposite Saturn mean?

What does Moon opposite Saturn mean?

The opposition indicates that someone/ something is against you and things are not going the way you expected them. This transit will give you a clear perception of who you can trust and rely on. You’ll free yourself from illusions and develop a realistic and practical approach to life.

What happens when Moon aspects Saturn?

Saturn is mature and serious in nature and its aspect or conjunction with Moon will signify the restricted nature of love that one might have received in his early stages . In such condition childhood have many unpleasant and bitter memories and such individuals often feels past as a burden .

How long does Saturn conjunct moon last?

The transit happens every 28-30 years and lasts from 1-3 months to 2 and a half years. Have in mind that Saturn is a karmic planet and its transit often is associated with a retribution for past mistakes.

What does Venus square Saturn mean?

A Venus/Saturn square in your natal chart makes your inner values and aesthetics a driving force within your work in the world. You are willing to fully dedicate yourself to work, roles, and causes that align with your ideals, devoting countless hours of hard work and effort.

What does sun Square Moon mean?

Sun Square Moon Natal When the sun forms a square to your natal moon, it makes you more open to initiating change, as well as being able to embrace change and reorient your life as needed. You have a pioneering spirit that is willing to take on a challenge and do the work necessary to get the job done.

Is Moon friendly with Saturn?

Saturn is placed in his own sign Capricorn with Mars and he now considers Mars as a great enemy….Planets friendships and stelliums.

Planet Jupiter
Friends Sun Moon Mars
Enemies Mercury Venus Rahu
Neutrals Saturn Ketu

Is moon enemy of Saturn?

Saturn is placed in his own sign Capricorn with Mars and he now considers Mars as a great enemy….Planets friendships and stelliums.

Planet Saturn
Friends Mercury Venus Rahu
Enemies Sun Moon Mars
Neutrals Jupiter Ketu

What does the Moon opposite Saturn mean in astrology?

Moon Opposite Saturn Transit Moon opposite Saturn transit makes you feel sad, bored or lonely. Difficulty in sharing your emotions can lead to distance in relationships. Conscious awareness of this depressing influence will help you avoid longer-term serious consequences such as separation simply because of a bad mood.

What does it feel like when Saturn transits the Moon?

Now transiting Saturn is square natal Moon and it’s (again) a very hard time. I usually don’t have a very good feeling with Saturn transits… I feel very lonely, sad and charged with many responsibilities, both in my work and personal life. Recently, my relationship ended and I broke two important friendships.

What is the Natal Saturn-moon aspect?

First we’ll discuss the natal Saturn-Moon aspect, and then transit Saturn in hard aspect (conjunction, square or opposition) with the natal Moon. Moon’s primary symbolism has to do with home, mothering and emotional nourishment. Saturn in hard aspect with the Moon can suppress Moon’s natural need for nurturing.

What does it mean to be born during the Moon opposite transit?

Individuals who were born during the Moon opposite Saturn transit are known to grow up faster than others, but behind Saturn’s tough mask they’re wearing, these natives are in fact hiding an inner child in need of a lot of love.