What does MemFree mean?

What does MemFree mean?

MemFree: The amount of physical RAM, in kibibytes, left unused by the system.

How do I get Meminfo proc?

On Linux you can use the command cat /proc/meminfo to determine how much memory the computer has. This command displays the information stored in the meminfo file located in the /proc directory. The total amount of memory will be displayed as MemTotal, shown in the example in bold.

What is difference between MemFree and MemAvailable?

MemFree: The amount of physical RAM, in kilobytes, left unused by the system. MemAvailable: An estimate of how much memory is available for starting new applications, without swapping.

What is dirty in Meminfo?

Dirty: Pagecache pages that are dirty, waiting to be written to disk. Writeback: Pagecache pages that are currently being written to disk but have not been completed yet. AnonPages: Total number of anonymous pages, will include anonymous hugepages.

What is Committed_AS?

Committed_AS: The amount of memory presently allocated on the system. The committed memory is a sum of all of the memory which has been allocated by processes, even if it has not been “used” by them as of yet.

What is Meminfo?

– The ‘/proc/meminfo’ is used by to report the amount of free and used memory (both physical and swap) on the system as well as the shared memory and buffers used by the kernel.

Is Proc Meminfo always in kB?

@olejorgenb yep, that’s hard-coded as kB as well. Look in fs/proc/meminfo. c . (And please send a patch to the manpage to clarify.)

What is MemFree in Linux?

MemFree in /proc/meminfo is a count of how many pages are free in the buddy allocator.

What is VMallocChunk?

VMallocUsed: The total amount of memory, in kilobytes, of used virtual address space. VMallocChunk: The largest contiguous block of memory, in kilobytes, of available virtual address space.

What are dirty pages?

Dirty pages are the pages in memory (page cache) that have been rationalized and consequently have changed from what is currently stored on disk. This usually happens when an existing file on the disk is altered or appended.

What is DirectMap2M?

DirectMap2M: The amount of memory being mapped to hugepages (usually 2MB in size) DirectMap1G. The amount of memory being mapped to hugepages (usually 1GB in size)