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What does ITEC stand for beauty?

What does ITEC stand for beauty?

International Therapy Examination Council
ITEC stands for the International Therapy Examination Council, who have been in existence since 1947. ITEC is an English-based therapy examination body, registered with the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA), and their qualifications are recognised internationally.

What is ITEC accreditation?

ITEC has been awarding high quality and respected industry qualifications since 1947. It is now one of the world’s leading and most successful awarding bodies specializing in Beauty and Complementary Therapy, Sport, Fitness and Hairdressing sectors.

What level is an ITEC diploma?

All Qualifications

Qualification Level ITEC Qual ID
Certificate in Bridal Make-up Level 2 2193
Certificate in Customer Service Level 1 2216
Certificate in Diet and Nutrition for Complementary Therapists Level 3 2140
Certificate in Education and Training Level 4 2214

Is ITEC recognized in Canada?

ITEC is Internationally Recognised ITEC qualified therapists are recognised in 33 countries including Ireland, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

How do I become an ITEC teacher?

Entry Requirements Applicants need to be qualified, proficient or experienced in the subject which they intend to teach. They must hold recognised Qualifications and have sufficient personal skills to complete the academic and other requirements of the programme.

Is CIDESCO Recognised in Canada?

4) Is the CIDESCO Beauty Therapy Diploma recognized internationally? The CIDESCO Beauty Therapy Diploma is recognized within the Beauty Industry worldwide. In some countries a national diploma is also required to be able to work within that country. Please contact the local authorities for clarification.