What does it mean to weigh your options?

What does it mean to weigh your options?

B2. to think carefully about the advantages or disadvantages of a situation before making a decision: I’m weighing up my options before I decide to apply for the job. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

What does it mean to weigh in on something?

to give an opinion or enter a discussion or argument: The senator weighed in with a blistering attack on welfare cheats.

What does it mean to say weigh in?

intransitive verb. 1 : to have oneself or one’s possessions (such as baggage) weighed especially : to have oneself weighed in connection with an athletic contest. 2 : to bring one’s weight or influence to bear especially as a participant, contributor, or mediator weighed in with an opinion.

What does it mean to weigh in on a subject?

To give one’s opinion or analysis of something during a discussion. Karen, you haven’t weighed in yet. What’s your take on this? Later on the show, Senator Williams will weigh in on the debate.

Are weighing their options?

Idiom Land. “Weigh your options” means “to think carefully about your possibilities or choices”. Example: I’ve been weighing my options for the last year, as I am really not sure what kind of career I want to…

Is it weighed or weighted?

No Longer With Us. Something is weighted = There is an addition which forces the something in a specific direction : “The end-of-year figures were weighted to make the company look good”. Something is weighed = it is put onto a scale and measured for its weight.

How do you use weigh in?

When there is a weigh-in on the day of a boxing match, each competitor is weighed to check their weight before the match. The weigh-in proceeded with Jones checking in at a fully dressed 193 pounds.

Do you want to weigh in on this?

. The sense of the idiom is something like “express an opinion about [something].” but it may have originated as an idea along the lines of “throw one’s weight [behind one person, party, or viewpoint in a controversy].”

How do you use weigh in in a sentence?

Your weekly weigh-in will every day help you keep on track for a slimmer new you. Had lost 3lbs since last weigh-in a fortnight ago. I hope you do n’t have a weigh-in this week. Just below your weekly summary you will find when you weigh-in day is due.

What is the synonym of weighed?

Some common synonyms of weigh are consider, contemplate, and study. While all these words mean “to think about in order to arrive at a judgment or decision,” weigh implies attempting to reach the truth or arrive at a decision by balancing conflicting claims or evidence.

Which is correct weighting or weighing?

“Weight” is a noun and “weigh” is a verb. So, if you want to find the weight of something, you can weigh it on some scales. As a verb, weigh is also used more prosaically.

Is it I weight or I weigh?

We’re happy to report that the use is rare—at least in published, edited text. For the most part, we can keep weigh and weight straight by using weigh as a verb and weight as a noun, with a smattering of exceptions for statistics and grades and blankets. Our advice: take comfort where you can.

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