What does it mean to eviscerate someone?

What does it mean to eviscerate someone?

1a : to take out the entrails of : disembowel. b : to deprive of vital content or force. 2 : to remove an organ from (a patient) or the contents of (an organ) intransitive verb.

What does eviscerate mean in legal terms?

When a compromise about a law essentially renders the law useless by removing all of the essential elements of the original law, this is an example of when the law is eviscerated. verb. To remove the contents of (an organ).

Which is a synonym of eviscerate?

In this page you can discover 10 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for eviscerate, like: disembowel, weaken, devitalize, gut, kill, mutilate, draw, dismember, resect and bowel.

How do you use eviscerate in a sentence?

Eviscerate in a Sentence 🔉

  1. We can eviscerate the computer by removing its power supply.
  2. Upon my death, the hospital will eviscerate my body and transplant my useful organs.
  3. The bank is going to eviscerate the crooked businessman by freezing his assets.

How do you eviscerate someone?

To eviscerate a person or animal means to remove their internal organs, such as their heart, lungs, and stomach.

How do you treat evisceration?

The eviscerated bowel should be covered with moistened sterile dressings. It is critical to avoid the temptation to re-insert the eviscerated bowel back into the abdominal cavity. Most experts recommend that antibiotics be initiated in the emergency department before the patient is transported to the operating theater.

What does eviscerate meaning in politics?

to deprive of vital or essential parts: The censors eviscerated the book to make it inoffensive to the leaders of the party.

How do you treat an evisceration?

Eviscerated bowel should be covered with saline-soaked gauze. Antibiotics with enteric coverage should be administered.

What is the opposite of eviscerate?

▲ Opposite of to remove the innards of. fill. furnish. protect.

What does disembowel mean in English?

to take out the bowels of
Definition of disembowel transitive verb. 1 : to take out the bowels of : eviscerate also : to slash or tear the abdomen so that some or all of the internal organs protrude.