What does Fuse ODG stand for?

What does Fuse ODG stand for?

Off Da Ground
The stage name “Fuse” comes from his fusion of musical styles, as he is known for his unusual combination of genres such as Afro-pop, hip-hop, R&B, funk and rock. “ODG”, meanwhile, stands for ‘Off Da Ground’.

Is Fuse ODG afrobeats?

Leader is a fitting title for Fuse. He’s a standard-bearer for Afrobeats, the music of West Africa’s youth, which has flourished among the diaspora in places such as Britain, where the sons and daughters of African immigrants have warped the music with the sounds of their surroundings.

Where is Fuse ODG?

4. Where Was Fuse ODG Born? Despite his focus on Afro-pop and culture, Fuse, of Ghanian descent, was born and raised in London.

What does Tina stand for in Africa?

This Is The New Africa
TINA stands for ‘This Is The New Africa’… Fuse ODG is passionate about raising the profile of Africa and Africans. TINA, the movement he founded urges Africans to rebuild communities and present a positive image of the motherland to the rest of the world.

Who is the owner of Legacy Life Entertainment?

Joseph Kwame Addison, popularly known as KillBeatz, is a Ghanaian music producer and sound engineer from Tema. He is a member of music group R2bees and is also the CEO of Legacy Life Entertainment, which has signed the Ghanaian musician King Promise….

Years active 2007–present
Labels Legacy Life Entertainment

What is king promise full name?

Gregory Bortey NewmanKing Promise / Full name

King Promise Information Born and bred in Accra, Ghana, Gregory Bortey Promise Newman was enveloped in music from a young age.

What was King promise first song?

‘Thank God’ his first single was released in 2016 featuring Fuse ODG and produced by Killbeatz. He is a very talented artist and considers himself versatile. His music genres include R ‘n’ B, Afrobeats, Highlife, and Hip-hop. Other hit songs include “Selfish”, “CCTV”, “Oh Yeah” among many others.

What is kidi real name?

Dennis Nana DwamenaKiDi / Full name

How old is stonebwoy?

34 years (March 5, 1988)Stonebwoy / Age

How old is Wendy Shay?

26 years (February 20, 1996)Wendy Shay / Age

How old is kidi?

28 years (August 18, 1993)KiDi / Age