What does evidential evidence mean?

What does evidential evidence mean?

1 : being, relating to, or affording evidence photographs of evidentiary value. 2 : conducted so that evidence may be presented an evidentiary hearing.

What is the difference between evidential and evidentiary?

As adjectives the difference between evidential and evidentiary. is that evidential is of or providing evidence while evidentiary is (legal) of or pertaining to evidence .

What does evidential question mean?

Evidential uncertainty is where a question of fact, such as whether a claimant is a beneficiary, cannot be answered; this does not always lead to invalidity.

What is the synonym of evidential?

emblematic, ominous, suggestive, symbolic, symptomatic, characteristic, demonstrative, prognostic, testimonial, giveaway, apocalyptic, augural, auspicious, connotative, denotative, denotive, designative, diagnostic, evincive, expressive.

What does non evidential mean?

: something that is not evidence Nonevidence is property that does not appear to have evidentiary value and is not the personal property of an arrestee.—

What is the meaning of evidential support?

Evidential is an adjective that means serving as evidence. Often used as a legal term, evidential is sometimes paired with the words “proof,” “burden,” or “hearing.” Like many legal words, this one comes from medieval Latin (in this case, evidentialis).

What is a evidentiary document?

Evidentiary document means written information used to prove the fact for which it is presented.

How do you use evidential?

Evidential sentence example His Reasons for the Christian Religion is still, for its evidential purpose, better than most works of its kind. Its relatively uncritical use of the sources reveals the need for more in-depth studies of the evidential basis.

What is evidential support?

Again, evidential support is an indication of truth to the subject. Having support for a proposition from the evidence of a perceptual experience requires the experience to indicate to the person the truth of the proposition.

What is evidential value?

n. ~ 1. The quality of records that provides information about the origins, functions, and activities of their creator. – 2. Law · The importance or usefulness of something to prove or disprove a fact.