What does ditto mean with Christmas lights?

What does ditto mean with Christmas lights?

DITTO: When you can’t compete with your neighbour’s Christmas lights, just do the next best thing…

What do blue Christmas lights on houses mean?

Along the same lines, blue lights have been used more recently to show support and honor for fallen police officers, firefighters and members of the Armed Services. They are also used to signify that a household supports and remembers troops who are abroad during the holiday season.

Where is the ditto house?

WINNIPEG — A homeowner in Linden Woods has playfully managed to steal the spotlight from a Christmas-light loving neighbour. Paula Paterson’s neighbour goes all out when it comes to holiday decorating. The house along Shorecrest Drive is an impressive Christmas spectacle for those driving-by.

Is there a symbol for Ditto?

A ditto mark (or ditto sign) is a symbol (“) which signifies ditto, meaning the same as above or before. The plural is ditto marks.

What do purple lights on houses mean?

Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence When you see a purple porch light, it is a reminder that violence has no place in the home. It honors the survivors and victims of domestic violence. People have been encouraged to light their porches purple for Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October.

How can I hang Christmas lights without damaging my house?


  1. Use light clips. Do not hang Christmas lights with screws, nails or even a staple gun.
  2. Attach your light clips. If your strands don’t already have light clips attached, attach them on the ground before you climb the ladder.
  3. Be careful.

What does ditto mean in slang?

The internet slang term “ditto” means the same, also, me too or I agree with you. Origin of Ditto.

Who invented the Ditto Christmas lights?

A pastor in Medina, Tennessee named Jeremy Brown also took credit for the DITTO lights in 2013. “When your neighbors put up decorations like that, you can either be jealous, or you can be humorous; it’s up to you,” he said at the time.

What does a ‘ditto’ sign on a street mean?

They spell out a one-word message, with an arrow pointing to the house just next door. The message: “DITTO.” A “DITTO” sign next to elaborate Christmas lights on a street in Burbank, California. Let’s back up.

Is Ditto the most passive form of neighborly slights?

But DITTO is a shrug of indifference—the most passive of passive-aggressive neighborly slights. Like this guy in Burbank, California who lives next door to a neighbor who calls his Christmas display, without irony, “Norton’s Winter Wonderland.”